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Role of Soil Organisms in Modification of their Environment, Nutrient Cycling and Soil Formation

Professor Jan Frouz and Veronika Jílková are editing special issue of MDPI open access journal Soil Systems: "Role of Soil Organisms in...


Microbial communities in local and transplanted soils along a latitudinal gradient

A field transplantation experiment was used in this study to investigate the effects of substrate and climatic conditions on basal soil...


No difference in ectomycorrhizal morphotype composition between abandoned and inhabited nests of wood ants (Formica polyctena) in a central European spruce forest

Coniferous forest soils are limited in nitrogen and phosphorus which hinders tree growth. However, trees can alleviate this limitation by symbiotic...


Půdní DESATERO pro velké i malé hospodáře

Půda je základem našeho životního prostředí. Je nezbytná nejen pro člověka, rostlinstvo a půdní živočichy, ale také v krajině...


Diversity Day 2018 Photogallery

Ohlédnutí za netradičním biologickým happeningem v trávě na zahradě Biologického centra AV ČR, na Sádkách: Objektivem Tomáše...


Relative importance of honeydew and resin for the microbial activity in wood ant nest and forest floor substrate – a laboratory study

Wood ants are fascinating insects largely affecting their surroundings. They are important ecosystem engineers of our forests in which they play a...