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Chemical composition of modern and pre-acidification sediments in the Tatra Mountain lakes

Concentrations of major nutrients (C, N, P) and acid soluble metals (Ca, Mg, K, Al, Fe, Mn, Pb, and Zn) were determined in modern (0–1 cm) and...


Aluminum control of phosphorus sorption by lake sediments

Release of reactive (phosphate-like) phosphorus (P) from freshwater sediments represents a significant internal P source for many lakes. Hypolimnetic...


Primary production and microbial activity in the euphotic zone of Lake Baikal (Southern Basin) during late winter

Three years of regular weekly/biweekly monitoring of seasonal changes in temperature, transparency, chlorophyll a (CHL) and bacteria at the vertical...


Longitudinal and vertical spatial gradients in the distribution of fish within a canyon-shaped reservoir

The large-scale spatial distribution of fish was investigated within a morphometrically simple canyon-shaped reservoir with a single major tributary...


The diet and growth of larval and juvenile pikeperch (Stizostedion lucioperca (L.)): A comparative study of fishponds and a reservoir

Diet of larval and juvenile pikeperch (Stizostedion lucioperca) reared in ponds was investigated and compared with the diet of pikeperch from a...


Natural inactivation of phosphorus by aluminum in atmospherically acidified water bodies

Atmospheric acidification of catchment–lake ecosystems may provide natural conditions for the in-lake control of P cycling. This process is based...


Spectrophotometric determination of iron, aluminum, and phosphorus in soil and sediment extracts after their nitric and perchloric acid digestion

Pyrocatechol violet and thiocyanate methods used in the water analysis for spectrophotometric determination of aluminum (Al) and iron (Fe),...


Hydroacoustic assessment of pelagic stages of freshwater insects

Two independent surveys showed that aquatic insects can generate echoes comparable with the echoes of small fish. In the open water of two fishless...


Phosphorus inactivation by aluminum in the water column and sediments: Lowering of in-lake phosphorus availability in an acidified watershed-lake ecosystem

Acid precipitation has been shown to reduce phosphorus (P) outputs from terrestrial sources. We present field evidence that the in-lake P cycle may...