Gerrit Angst

Gerrit Angst

Soil & Water Research Infrastructure

  • Biology Centre CAS
  • Na Sádkách 7, 370 05 České Budějovice
  • Czech Republic

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Soil Biology and the Soil & Water Research Infrastructure of the Biology Centre CAS in České Budějovice. My research is focused on build-up, composition, and turnover of soil organic matter, advancing my investigations that I already started during my PhD studies at the Chair of Soil Science of the Technical University of Munich, Germany. I am particularly interested in the molecular chemical composition of differently stable soil organic matter fractions and factors/processes that influence this composition. I believe that such small-scale knowledge is needed to thoroughly understand plant-soil feedbacks and be able to actively manage persistence and magnitude of the soil carbon pool.

Education and Academic Positions

  • Since 2016 post-doctoral researcher Institute of Soil Biology and the SoWa RI at the Biology Centre CAS
  • 2013 – 2016 Scientific employee and PhD studies Chair of Soil Science of the Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • 2006 – 2013 University studies of Soil Science, Geography, and Urban Planning University of Bonn, Germany

Research Interests

  • Stabilization and turnover of soil organic matter (SOM)
  • Disentangling the origin and build-up of stable SOM
  • Biomarkers in soil and Environmental Science
  • Influence of tree species identity on carbon stocks and stabilization
  • Litter decomposition

Teaching Interests

  • Lab course for master students Chair of Soil Science, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Gamma ray spectrometry field course I and II University of Bonn, Germany


  • Soil physical fractionation
  • Analyses of lipids, amino sugars, CuO oxidation products

Scientific Activities

  • Reviewer for: Geoderma, SBB, Science of the Total Environment, Biogeosciences, Organic Geochemistry, Soil Research, Soil Processes, Ecological Research
  • Memberships: Deutsche Bodenkundliche Gesellschaft DBG, European Association of Geochemistry EAG
  • Grant: Programme for research and mobility support of starting researchers 2017: „Stabilization of cutin and suberin in soil aggregates and organo-mineral associations as affected by earthworm activity.“


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