Jakub Borovec

Jakub Borovec

born May 18, 1973 in České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Operating Director
Head of Freshwater Chemistry Research Station Hydrobiologist

Soil & Water Research Infrastructure

  • Biology Centre CAS
  • Na Sádkách 7, 370 05 České Budějovice
  • Czech Republic

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  • 2001 PhD in Hydrobiology University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
  • 1996 MSc in Limnology University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic
  • 1994 BSc in Biology University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Research Interests

Limnology, sediment chemistry, reservoir and watershed management

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental Data Analysis Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
  • Basics of Limnology Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia


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