Bruno M. Carreira

Bruno M. Carreira

David Boukal Group

Soil & Water Research Infrastructure

  • Biology Centre CAS
  • Branisovska 1760, 370 05 Ceske Budejovice
  • Czech Republic

I am a Postdoc at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice supervised by Dr. David Boukal. As a former member of the Conservation Ecology research group at the cE3c – Centre for Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Changes (Lisbon, Portugal) and a guest researcher at Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden), I investigated how temperature modulates nutrient acquisition and feeding preferences in aquatic omnivorous ectotherms. This research was conducted on species from Mediterranean temporary ponds, model systems in which I have extensive experience, framing the issue on two global change drivers – climate change and invasive alien species. Although mostly experimental, this research relied heavily on data collected in field stations to simulate realistic conditions in nature. Having participated in a number of projects including invasive alien species, I have ample experience in the field of invasion biology. Furthermore, training students and research assistants on the use of stable isotopes as a tool in Ecology is an important part of my scientific activity the research groups that I colaborate with.

Education and Academic Positions

  • 2016 PhD in Biology (Ecology), Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2010 MSc in Conservation Biology, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2008 BSc in Environmental Biology – Terrestrial domain, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

Research Interests

  • Ecophysiology
  • Metabolic Ecology and Nutrition Biology
  • Climate change – extreme climatic events (e.g. heat waves)
  • Freshwater habitats and food webs (e.g. Mediterranean temporary ponds)
  • Invasion Biology
  • Stable Isotopes in Ecology (13C/12C, 15N/14N)

Scientific Activities

  • Reviewer for scientific journals: Hydrobiologia, Functional Ecology, Land Degradation and Development
  • Professional membership: Iberian Association for Limnology, British Ecological Society


  • 2016 Young Scientist of the Year, by Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium (Fluviário de Mora, Portugal) – Winner
  • 2016 Best Portuguese Doctoral Thesis in Limnology, by the Iberian Limnological Association – Winner

Bruno M. CarreiraGroup

David Boukal



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