New position: Quantifying human impacts on freshwater food webs

Open position focusing on the consequences of human impacts on food webs in standing freshwater bodies is available in the group of David Boukal within the Soil and Water National Research Infrastructure project in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.


Consequences of human impacts such as effects of climate change, habitat alteration and eutrophication on freshwater food webs in standing waters. We primarily use freshwater insects in small standing waters as a model system to study life histories, species interactions, population dynamics and community assembly. Recent publications include papers in Ecology Letters and Global Change Biology.


PhD in ecology, hydrobiology or a related field, and a strong interest in quantitative ecology. Candidates interested in theory-driven experiments at the community level and candidates with a profile complementing core group expertise outlined above are particularly welcome to apply. The postdoc can join ongoing projects as well as develop own ideas that would fit within the project. He/she is not expected to teach but may supervise students or interns as part of the research. Fluency in English is required.


From 1 September 2017 (negotiable) until the end of 2018, with possible extensions until April 2020 based on performance.


Salary is competitive in local standards. Ceske Budejovice is a medium-sized town ca. 150 km south of Prague with 100,000 inhabitants, a relaxed atmosphere, and a growing community of foreign scientists at 3 faculties and 5 research institutes dealing with aquatic and terrestrial biota and located on the same campus, allowing easy access to other researchers and resources. Both the town and the surrounding countryside provide numerous opportunities for research and leisure activities. Living costs are low by international standards. Czech courses are available for foreign staff.

To apply, please send a CV including the list of publications, research statement and two recommendation letters to dboukal@prf.jcu.cz or boukal@entu.cas.cz until 24 July 2017. Informal enquiries are welcome. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in the following 1-2 weeks and final decision made immediately afterwards.

Contact information

Assoc. Prof. David Boukal, Ph.D.
Dept of Ecosystem Biology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
Branisovska 31, CZ-37005 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
tel: +420 387 772 327
e-mail: dboukal@prf.jcu.cz

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