SoWa Research Infrastructure was merged into the Institute of Soil Biology and Biogeochemistry of the Biological Centre of the CAS, v. v. i.. No further updates will be performed on this website.

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for comprehensive interdisciplinary research of interactions between soil and water ecosystems, ecosystem processes and services on various spatiotemporal scales in the context of sustainable landscape use


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SoWa vision

Our vision is a comprehensive research and understanding of soil and water ecosystems in context of sustainable landscape use.

SoWa mission

Our mission is to create and develop a unique international multidisciplinary platform for detailed investigation of biotic and abiotic processes and complex interactions between soil and water ecosystems at microscale, mesoscale and landscape level.

The SoWa RI is also an aspiring component of the European Research Infrastructure eLTER RI – long term research on ecosystems, critical zones and socio-ecological systems.

Sowa objectives

systematic study of all biotic and abiotic processes and interactions between soil and water ecosystems;
detailed knowledge and understanding of key ecosystem processes and services;
development of new technologies, applications and approaches for sustainable landscape use;
development of new strategies for efficient utilization of natural resources to ensure food and resource security;
improvement of fertile soils and surface water quality;
protection of world natural heritage for next generations;
interpretation and publication of research results;
organisation of scientific and public events focused on soil and water;
education and public outreach in soil and water sciences.


Realise your research ideas, visions and projects at unique state of the art facilities, technologies and approaches


Use the latest unique research data, know-how, knowledge and services for free



Discuss and realise your research projects with a team of highly experienced experts



Discover secrets of soil science, hydrobiology and many other research areas



Inspire yourself, present your projects, be part of the research community



The SoWa Research Infrastructure consists of four research sections (RS), six research programmes (RP) and nine highly equipped laboratories driven by ten highly experienced researchers. The quality, uniqueness and research excellency are guaranteed by the International Scientific Advisory Board, Steering Committee, top management and all group leaders.

Scientific Advisory Board

is a group of seven outstanding external independent experts working outside the Czech Republic who provide a useful feedback, know-how, experience, ideas and advices to develop research activities according to the latest challenges and trends and help us to achieve the main research goals.

Georg Guggenberger

Scientific Advisory Board

Roger I. Jones

Scientific Advisory Board

Yakov Kuzyakov

Scientific Advisory Board

Ladislav Miko

Scientific Advisory Board

Cindy E Prescott

Scientific Advisory Board

Olaf Schmidt

Scientific Advisory Board

Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern

Scientific Advisory Board

Steering Committee

is a decision making body which consists of representatives of management, research sections and four main partners of the SoWa RI

Jakub Borovec


Tomáš Cajthaml

Environmental chemist

Jan Frouz

Director, Senior Scientist

Jakub Hruška


Eva Kaštovská

Soil Scientist

Jiří Peterka


Hana Šantrůčková

Senior Scientist

Jan Kubečka

Steering Committee

Karel Veselý

Steering Committee

Karel Tajovský

Steering Committee


Jan Frouz

Director, Senior Scientist

Group Leaders


Ecosystem Functions


Biotic & Abiotic Interactions


Monitoring & Modelling

Research Programmes Leaders


Biological processes and transformations


The role of plant-soil interactions


Soil profile development


Biological diversity


Freshwater food web structure


Nutrient turnover in sediments

Support Team

Assistants, Project Administrator, Project Manager, Financial Manager, Technicians, etc.


We educate and cooperate with hundreds of students (PhD students, master students, bachelor students, secondary school students) from the whole world.


The SoWa Research Infrastructure can be beneficial for and used by researchers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, journalists, governments, officials, public

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