Soil and Water Ecosystems

Comprehensive interdisciplinary research of interactions between soil and water ecosystems, ecosystem processes and services on various spatiotemporal scales in the context of sustainable landscape use.



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New position: Postdoc – Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry

The Biology Centre CAS is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist to investigate microbial production of antioxidants and their diagenetic...


New position: Postdoc – Anaerobic and molecular microbiology

The Biology Centre CAS is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral scientist to investigate the roles anaerobic bacteria and archaea in biogeochemical...


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Mother Earth Picnic Festival 2017 Photogallery

Předsedkyně Akademie věd ČR prof. Eva Zažímalová se na Den Země v sobotu 22. dubna 2017 v zahradě Biologického centra v Českých...


Optimal gillnet sampling design for the estimation of fish community indicators in heterogeneous freshwater ecosystems

Monitoring of biota in heterogeneous ecosystems requires sampling in different habitats and across environmental gradients. The resulting...