Video: Why soil and water interactions are so important

Introduction of the SoWa Research Infrastructure

Meet our researchers and PhD students. SoWa RI is focused on detailed investigation of all biotic and abiotic processes and interactions between soil and water ecosystems. Why is this investigation so important?

Good quality and health of soil and water are essential for human society. New scientific knowledge will help to address current environmental issues.

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All the world’s a stage – of organic matter degradation: a Czech-French Mobility Project

BC-CAS researchers Travis Meador and Marek Kopáček recently initiated a Czech-French collaborative study, entitled Peat Hydrogen and Oxygen...


The IRMS & Organic Geochemistry lab welcomes intern Anna Mičanová

The SoWa IRMS & Organic Geochemistry lab welcomes intern Anna Mičanová. Anna has joined our group via the Open Science program of the Czech...